Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season) (2023)

By Ana Dumaraog

Young Sheldon prominently stars the Cooper Family, while also featuring some regular supporting characters. Here's where you know the actors from.

Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season) (1)

CBS' Young Sheldon centers on Sheldon as he lives with his family in Texas,while also featuring a string of supporting characters that make the socially inept genius' story much more exciting. In an effort to capitalize on the popularity of The Big Bang Theory, the sitcom's first and only spin-off premiered in 2017. For two years, the shows aired back-to-back, but ever since its parent series wrapped up its run in 2019, Young Sheldon has been standing on its own.



The events of Young Sheldon take place around two decades before the beginning of The Big Bang Theory. In the prequel, Sheldon is still in Texas with his siblings and parents. Meanwhile, Meemaw lives just across the street. While it is primarily meant to build on the story of the original show, the prequel has a rather lax approach to preserving continuity, which has earned it some backlash. However, in recent years, it has more actively tried establishing a connection with The Big Bang Theory in an effort to entice its massive fandom to support it, as well.

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Despite being titled after one specific character, Young Sheldon is arguably an ensemble TV show. Each main character is given their respective storylines. At the same time, there are also narratives that involve the whole Cooper clan. Aside from central players, the spin-off also has a long list of supporting characters who have various kinds of relationships with Sheldon and his family. Some of them are played by familiar actors, while others are portrayed by up-and-coming ones.

Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper/Jim Parsons as Adult Sheldon

Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season) (2)
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Playing the titular character in Young Sheldon is Iain Armitage. He takes over the role from Jim Parsons who played its older version in The Big Bang Theory. Dubbed as a once-in-a-generation genius, Sheldon is clearly already into science, particularly theoretical physics explaining why he pursues it in CalTech. Despite his young age, Armitage has already appeared in a few other projects outside of Young Sheldon. He first gained prominence through his YouTube series, Iain Loves Theatre where he reviewed stage shows. From there, he appeared in Big Little Shots, played Ziggy Chapman in Big Little Lies, and was even a guest in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 18. On the big screen, he provided the voice for young Shaggy Rogers in Scoob! and Chase in PAW Patrol: The Movie.

Meanwhile, Parsons provides the adult narration in Young Sheldon. Aside from his career-defining role as the older Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory where he won four Primetime Emmy Awards, he also played Tommy Boatwright in both Broadway and TV versions of The Normal Heart. He was in Hidden Figures, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, and The Boys In The Band, as well.

Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper

Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season) (3)

Sheldon's mom, Mary Cooper, in Young Sheldon is portrayed by Zoe Perry — a role which she inherited from her real-life mother, Laurie Metcalf who played the original part in The Big Bang Theory. Mary's signature trait is that she's devout Southern Baptist, and despite her family's refusal to practice their faith, she insists that they do. Mary is extremely protective of her kids, but she clearly has a soft spot for Sheldon knowing full well of his quirks and eccentricities. Perry has been active in the entertainment industry since 1992 — the year she first appeared as young Jackie in Roseanne. She's also been a guest in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, and Scandal.

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Lance Barber as George Cooper Sr.

Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season) (4)

Sheldon's controversial dad, George Cooper Sr., is played by Lance Barber in Young Sheldon. Since the character was already dead during the events of The Big Bang Theory,George Cooper is the only one who didn't have an olderpredecessorin the original series. Despite being originally described as a no-good father who didn't do anything but drink and waste his time, Young Sheldon's version of the character is significantly different. He's a devoted family man, who works tirelessly for his kids and wife, effectively creating a continuity issue between the show. Barber is known for appearing in many shows throughout the years. He was in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Comeback, Black-ish, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Gilmore Girls. Coincidentally, he also played Leonard's bully, Jimmy Speckerman, in The Big Bang Theory season 5, episode 11.

Montana Jordan as George "Georgie" Cooper Jr.

Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season) (5)

Sheldon's older brother, George "Georgie" Cooper Jr. is played by Montana Jordan in Young Sheldon. Not much was initially revealed about the character in The Big Bang Theory, until just before Sheldon's wedding where he finally appeared. The spin-off reveals more of him before becoming the successful business owner of Mr. Tire dealership in Texas. While not academically gifted like Sheldon, Georgie clearly has great entrepreneurial skills. Before getting cast in the sitcom, Jordan appeared in the film The Legacy of Whitetail Deer Hunter as Josh Brolin's son. He also reprised his role as young Georgie in the one-time crossover episode between The Big Bang Theory and its offshoot.

Raegan Revord as Missy Cooper

Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season) (6)

Portraying Sheldon's twin sister, Missy Cooper, is Raegan Revord. Like Georgie in Young Sheldon, she's also not scholastically inclined, but she has high EQ as revealed when their parents have them evaluated. Despite her constant bickering with her twin, the pair actually has a great relationship, and in The Big Bang Theory, it's revealed that she's proud of Sheldon's achievements. Revord is best known for his role in Modern Family, Wish Upon, and Alexa & Katie.

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Annie Potts as Connie Tucker/Meemaw

Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season) (7)

Mary's mother and Sheldon's grandmother, whom he affectionally calls Meemaw is played by Annie Potts. Named Connie Tucker, Young Sheldon's version of the character is significantly different from The Big Bang Theory's. Instead of the mild-mannered old lady that she eventually became, the spin-off's iteration is bashful and even sarcastic at times. She tends to butt heads with George, but they try to be civil with each other for the family. With more than 40 years of experience, Potts has appeared in countless TV shows and movies such as Heartaches, Ghostbusters, Pretty in Pink, Designing Women, Love & War, and The Fosters.

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Young Sheldon Supporting Cast

Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season) (8)

Wallace Shawn as Professor John Sturgis - Sheldon's first mentor named Professor John Sturgis is played by Wallace Shawn. The seasoned teacher was the first person to introduce the socially inept genius to theoretical physics. He also dated Meemaw for a while. The actor is best known for his roles in Clueless, Princess Bride, Toy Story films, The Cosby Show, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Gossip Girl.

Ed Begley Jr. as Dr. Gant Linkletter - Sheldon gets a new mentor when he started college in Dr. Grant Linkletter played by Ed Begley Jr. He's also the arch-rival of Dr. Linkletter at East Texas Tech. He's appeared in St. Elsewhere, Blue Collar, An Officer and a Gentleman, Batman Forever, Pineapple Express, and CHiPS.

Matt Hobby as Pastor Jeff - Mary works directly with Matt Hobby's Pastor Jeff at church. He was also in Boardwalk Empire, Hart of Dixie, and The Grinder.

Wyatt McClure as Billy Sparks - In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon mentioned having a neighbor named Billy Sparks who is played by Wyatt McClure in Young Sheldon. The child actor is best known in his roles in I See You and Psychos.

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Melissa Peterman as Brenda Sparks - Billy's mom, Brenda Sparks, is portrayed by Melissa Peterman. She could also be George's first mistress mentioned in The Big Bang Theoryafter she separated from her husband. Peterman has appeared in Reba and was the host of BetOn Your Baby and The Singing Bee.

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Billy Gardell as Herschel Sparks - The Sparks patriarch, Herschel Sparks, is played by Billy Gardell. Like George, he's often nagged by his wife, until Herschel decided to split from her. The actor is best known for his role in Mike and Molly, as well as, Bob Hearts Abishola.

Ryan Phuong as Tam Nguyen - Ryan Phuong portrays Sheldon's first best friend, Tam Nguyen. In The Big Bang Theory, it's revealed they had a falling out after Tam chose a girl over moving to Pasadena with Sheldon. However, they eventually patched things up after Tam visits Sheldon in CalTech where the pair reconnected. Phuong had roles in Shameless and The Tundermans.

Craig T. Nelson ad Dale Ballard - Meemaw dated again after she breaks up with Dr. Sturgis and her next boyfriend turns out to be Georgie’s business mentor in Young Sheldon, Dale Ballard, who is played by Craig T. Nelson. Fans know him from shows like Coach and Parenthood, as well as, in films such as Poltergeists, Turner & Hooch, and The Devil's Advocate.

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Reba McEntire as June - Dale's ex-wife, June pops in from time to time and is played by Reba McEntire. Widely dubbed as "the Queen of the Country" given her successful music career, she was in the Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun, and TV shows such as Tremors and Reba.

McKenna Grace as Paige Swanson - Sheldon was introduced to another child prodigy named Paige. Portrayed by McKenna Grace, the pair mostly has a contentious relationship, but they bond over shared experiences. At one point, Sheldon even develops a crush on Paige. Grace has appeared in shows like The Young and the Restless, Once Upon a Time, Fuller House, and Designated Survivor. On the big screen, she's been in Independence Day: Resurgence, Gifted, I, Tonya, Ready Player One, Captain Marvel, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Andrea Anders as Linda Swanson - Paige's mom is played by Andrea Anders who is known for her roles in sitcoms such as Joey, The Class, Modern Family, and Better Off Ted. She also recently appeared in Ted Lasso and Cruel Summer.

Doc Farrow as Assistant Coach Wilkins - Originally Sheldon's P.E. teacher at Medford High, Doc Farrow's Coach Wilkins has also become one of George's closest friends in Young Sheldon. He's been in The Good Place, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the movie, Bombshell.

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Valerie Mahaffey as Victoria MacElroy - Sheldon's homeroom and English teacher, Victoria MacElroy, is played by Valeria Mahaffey. She started her career in the soap opera, The Doctors and has appeared in shows such as Northern Exposure, Wings, Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids, and Big Sky. She also starred in movies including Senior Trip, Jungle 2 Jungle, Sully, and French Exit.

Brian Stepanek as Hubert Givens - Hubert Givens is Sheldon's science teacher at Medford High and is portrayed by Huber Givens. He is best known for his role in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody as Arwin Hawkhauser and in Transformers as Sector Seven Agent.

Jason Alexander as Mr. Gene Lundy - Jason Alexander's Gene Lundy is Medford High School's resident drama teacher. The actor is best known as George Constanza in Seinfeld and has subsequently starred in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Alexander was also in Pretty Woman and Shallow Hal.

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Daniel Pinnock as Evelyn Ingram - Sheldon's math teacher at Medford High is played by Daniel Pinnock who's been in This Is Us, The Undertaker's Wife, Scandal, and Ghosts.

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Rex Linn as Tom Petersen - Medford High's Principal, Tom Petersen, is portrayed by Rex Linn. He's appeared in Wyatt Earp, Rush House, Cheaper by the Dozen, Django Unchained, A Million Ways To Die In The West, Doogie Howser, M.D., 3rd Rock from the Sun, Nashville, Better Call Saul, Lethal Weapon, and The Kominsky Method.

Nancy Linehan Charles as Peg - Mary works with Pastor Jeff's sassy secretary in Peg and is played by Nancy Linehan Charles. She's appeared in Minority Report, The Stepfather, Criminal Minds, and Grimm.

London Cheshire as Marcus - Missy's first boyfriend in Young Sheldon, Marcus is portrayed by London Cheshire, who's also been in 9-1-1.

Chris Wylde as Glenn - Chris Wylde portrays the owner of the comic book store King Kong Comics, Glen. The actor is known for appearing in General Hospital, The DUFF, Space Cowboys, and The Revenant.

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Sarah Baker as Sheryl Hutchins - Medford High's librarian, Sheryl Hutchins, is portrayed by Sarah Baker who is best known for her appearances in the Campaign, Mascots, The Kominsky Method, and Louie.

Isabel May as Veronica - Georgie's first real crush, and could very well be his first wife, as well, is Isabel May's Veronica. She starred in the concluded Netflix show, Alexa & Katie.

Mary Grill as Officer Robin - Pastor Jeff's second wife named Officer Robin is portrayed by Mary Grill who's appeared in The Mindy Project, Veep, Father Figures, and Mad Men.

Ava Allan as Jana - After Veronica disappeared in Young Sheldon, Georgie started a new relationship with Jana, played by Ava Allan. She was in Pretty Little Liars, Modern Family, and Suits.

Dan Byrd As Pastor Rob - Dan Byrd's Youth Pastor Jeff teaches the kids during Sunday school. The actor is best known for his roles in A Cinderella Story, Easy A, and Cougar Town.

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Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season)? ›

Sheldon Cooper has long been speculated to have autism. However, according to the producers of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper isn't actually autistic.

Is Sheldon autistic? ›

Sheldon Cooper has long been speculated to have autism. However, according to the producers of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper isn't actually autistic.

Did Georgie and Mandy have a baby? ›

Plus, EP Explains Georgie and Mandy's Daughter's Name - IMDb. Georgie Cooper is officially a dad! During Thursday's Young Sheldon, Mandy gave birth to their daughter — a precious “niblingo” by the name of Constance.

Who are the characters in Young Sheldon? ›

How old is Sheldon when his dad dies? ›

Because of The Big Bang Theory, fans of the series know that Sheldon's dad dies when he is 14, about a year after Sheldon discovers his father having an affair. Season 7 seems the most likely point for George's death.

What mental illness does Sheldon have? ›

Sheldon often gets talked about in terms of Asperger's or OCD. He has a thing with germs, he has a thing with numbers, he's got a lot of that precision that we see in OCD. There's a lot of interesting features to all of our characters that make them technically unconventional socially.

Is Sheldon Cooper asexual? ›

Sheldon's asexuality is a major part of his characterization because among his eccentricities such as not understanding common social cues or making a certain spot on the couch be his designated “space,” he was consistently romantically uninterested in women and was repulsed by the idea and act of sex.

Is Georgie still married to Mandy? ›

While Georgie and the mother of his first child, Mandy, are no longer together in the show, it was never explained what happened between them, even though Mandy majorly impacts The Big Bang Theory. In the opening scenes of ”A Tougher...

Does Georgie marry Veronica? ›

Veronica may very well have been Georgie's first wife, who he later divorced. However, it is also likely that it was Jana as they were dating at the time.

What season does Georgie have a kid? ›

Watch the happy moment from Season 6 Episode 14, and find out what happens next with the new parents (and how it deviates from 'Big Bang Theory' precedent).

Who did Missy Cooper marry? ›

George Cooper Sr. This unnamed man is the first ex-husband of Missy Cooper, the father of her son and her second child, the ex-brother-in-law of Sheldon Cooper and George Cooper Jr., and the ex-son-in-law of Mary Cooper.

What happened to Sheldon's mom? ›

After she was fired from the church, she was forced to find another job. This effectively separated her from Pastor Rob, although it allowed her to rekindle her relationship with George.

Who does Connie Tucker end up with? ›

Connie Tucker, aka Meemaw, is the sarcastic matriarch of the family. She is played by actress Annie Potts who has been married four times. With her third husband, Scott Senechal, she has one son named Clay. She is now married to Ugly Betty producer James Hayman in 1990 with whom she has two sons.

How old is Sheldon when his dad cheated? ›

The episode also acknowledged that Missy is now 13 years old — which, according to Big Bang, is the age where Sheldon walks in on his father having sex with another woman. “I was 13 years old, and on spring break from college,” Sheldon told Penny during Season 10 of the mothership.

Why did Sheldon's dad leave? ›

In "The Sales Call Sublimation" (S9E12), Sheldon claims that his father used to work in a store, but later got fired because he was stealing money from the cash register, something that Sheldon ratted him out for.

Did Sheldon's mom and dad divorce? ›

Young Sheldon Finally Reveals Why George and Mary Never Divorced. Young Sheldon is building to George's affair, but he and Mary will never divorce. While that seems odd, they had a good reason for staying together.

Does Jim Parsons have a high IQ? ›

IQ Score: 187

Jim Parsons' Sheldon is one of the few characters whose IQ is directly stated on the show.

What is Sheldon's IQ? ›

In a later episode of season 1 Sheldon states his IQ as 187 meaning that Leonard's IQ is 173.

Is Amy Farrah Fowler autistic? ›

Amy Farrah-Fowler, “The Big Bang Theory” While Sheldon Cooper may be the favorite among most viewers of “The Big Bang Theory,” those in the Aspie community seem to favor Sheldon's long-time girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler. Amy, an Aspie, tends to present a more balanced view of those on the autism spectrum.

Why does Sheldon not age? ›

Sheldon simply has to be the youngest of the group because he breezed his way through school, skipping multiple grades in the process. The series avoids addressing this by not giving the characters official ages. Howard Wolowitz is the only one whose age is revealed in season 2 when he's quoted as being 26 in 2008.

Why does Sheldon like soft kitty? ›

"Soft Kitty" is a children's song that Sheldon's mother used to sing to Sheldon when he was sick as a child. Today, he still requests his caretaker to sing this song to him whenever he feels ill. Sometimes, he also sings it to others who have fallen ill.

Is Penny attracted to Sheldon? ›

Evidence of Penny's affection for Sheldon is apparent in various episodes. Penny takes care of Sheldon while he is ill and lets him stay at her apartment when he is locked out of his, has a bad dream or is feeling unsafe; Sheldon lent her money when she needed it and takes care of her when she dislocates her shoulder.

Did Georgie ever have a baby? ›

Georgie Cooper is officially a dad! During Thursday's Young Sheldon, Mandy gave birth to their daughter — a precious “niblingo” by the name of Constance.

Who is Georgie married to in real life? ›

And the "right guy" turned out to be screenwriter, author and actor Steve Worland. "I knew I didn't want it with anyone, so when I met my husband I said, 'Let's get this train going! '" Georgie admitted to Kidspot. The pair married in December 1999 and last year, rung in two decades together as husband and wife.

Why did Mandy and Georgie get divorced? ›

In the opening scenes of ”A Tougher Nut and a Note on File,” the couple unintentionally mirrored Mandy's parents when they awkwardly encountered each other at a restaurant. Viewers can infer that Mandy didn't want to end up like her parents, resulting in her and Georgie's breakup.

How many times does Georgie get married? ›

George "Georgie" Marshall Cooper Jr.

By season 12 of The Big Bang Theory, it is revealed that he has been twice married and divorced.

Does Mary find out George cheated? ›

new young sheldon episode mary found out george is cheating.

Did Georgie get his girlfriend pregnant? ›

No one has had a more challenging year than Georgie, however, after he found out that he accidentally got his girlfriend pregnant.

Who is Georgie's first child? ›

George "Georgie" Cooper Jr. is the eldest child of George and Mary Cooper, and the older brother of Sheldon and Missy Cooper by five years.

Do Amy and Sheldon have babies? ›

George Cooper Sr. Leonard Cooper is the son of Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler. He does not have a physical appearance in the series, only being mentioned by his father.

What happened to Sheldon's sister? ›

In the episode "The Cooper Extraction", it's revealed that Missy got married and was having a baby. In "The Bow Tie Asymmetry", it's revealed that she is pregnant with her second child and she and her husband are separating.

What happened to Sheldon's brother Georgie? ›

According to Sheldon, George died when he was just 14 years old, pre-determining the character's fate on Young Sheldon.

Did Missy get pregnant? ›

First episode

It is revealed in the season 11 finale, "The Bow Tie Asymmetry", that Missy is pregnant with her second child. The child is not born yet and it was unplanned. Missy was pregnant when she and her husband split up.

Who is Sheldon's future wife? ›

Sheldon and Amy's Wedding was an event between the engaged couple, Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler. He proposed to marry her in season 10's finale "The Long Distance Dissonance" after realizing she is the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Why did Sheldon's parents divorced? ›

George was always described as a no-good dad who was negligent and lazy. To make matters worse, Sheldon even revealed that he caught George having an affair behind his mom's back, which Young Sheldon has set up, leading to their divorce.

Is Meemaw still alive? ›

Q. Is Meemaw dead? A. No, Meemaw isn't dead, but she has been excluded by the writers of the show, due to writing and time constraints.

Why wasn't Sheldon's mom at his wedding? ›

What Happened To Meemaw In The Big Bang Theory. The good news is, nothing bad has happened to The Big Bang Theory's Meemaw. She's still very much alive, and the only reasons she's missing from The Big Bang Theory's season 11 finale have to do with writing and time constraints, rather than a canonical accident or death.

Do Connie and John get married? ›

The Friday Night Lights alum was previously married to John Britton from 1991 to 1995, and she has kept her love life fairly under the radar ever since. While Connie hasn't tied the knot again since her divorce, she chose to keep her married name.

Does Dr. Sturgis marry Meemaw? ›

John and George Sr. discusses his breakup with Meemaw and tells George that Meemaw was his first girlfriend and probably his last, because he hadn't have an episode in an long time and didn't think it would happen again and so he broke up with Meemaw to prevent her from going through that again.

What happened to Meemaw and Dale? ›

While Dale and Meemaw briefly broke up in Young Sheldon season 5, this did not last long. In Young Sheldon season 6, the pair were involved in a plot to get gambling machines across state lines and Dale clearly wanted to rekindle their romance after this risky rendezvous.

Did Sheldon's dad cheat on? ›

Out of all the bad things Sheldon and Mary said on Tbbt about George, Sheldon's confession about catching his father having sex with a different woman was arguably the worst.

How was Sheldon when his dad died? ›

experienced his first heart attack, setting up the storyline that he isn't the healthiest person. It wasn't a surprise when he pulled through, as Sheldon was 9 years old at the time and we know that he dies when Sheldon is 14.

What episode does Sheldon cheat? ›

The Good Guy Fluctuation
"The Good Guy Fluctuation"
The Big Bang Theory episode
Episode no.Season 5 Episode 7
Directed byMark Cendrowski
Story byChuck Lorre Dave Goetsch Maria Ferrari
10 more rows

What did Sheldon's brother grow up to be? ›

In Season 11, Episode 23, "The Sibling Realignment" viewers learned that Georgie was the founder and owner of a chain of tire stores called Dr. Tire. He had become a successful self-made businessman. Young Sheldon Season 2 included Georgie (portrayed by Montana Jordan) working with Herschel Sparks at his garage.

What happened between Brenda and Sheldon's dad? ›

Young Sheldon Showed the Conniving Reason George Has an Affair With Brenda. Fans of CBS' Young Sheldon have been waiting for George's affair with Brenda, and The Big Bang Theory spinoff shows the reason why it happens. On The Big Bang Theory, the Bazinga-loving Sheldon said George had multiple affairs before he died.

Did Sheldon's mom miscarry? ›

Sheldon's hit by the rabbi's words. George gets home to share the raise news but finds out that Mary has already lost the baby. He comforts her saying that he loved and still loves their first three and that the fourth one would've been a charm!

What happened to Sheldon's dad in season 1 episode 3? ›

George Cooper Sr. suffers a mild heart attack, so Mary Cooper takes him to the hospital after calling Meemaw to watch the children. While she is sleeping, George Cooper Jr. "borrows" her car and takes the other children to see their father.

Does Sheldon have sensory issues? ›

He has the common comorbidity synesthesia, a condition that cross-wires one's senses, making Sheldon able to assign colors and smells to numbers.

Is Sam from atypical actually autistic? ›

That's because no two people are alike, so it's little wonder that while some aspects of Sam — played by non-autistic actor Keir Gilchrist — strike a chord with some, others just can't relate. Melbourne teenager Karly Browne has high-functioning autism and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Is Savant syndrome real? ›

Savant syndrome is a rare condition in which persons with various developmental disorders, including autistic disorder, have an amazing ability and talent. The condition can be congenital (genetic or inborn), or can be acquired later in childhood, or even in adults.

Why did everyone tolerate Sheldon? ›

They all like Leonard, Sheldon came with a package. The only reason why Leonard puts up with Sheldon is because he saved his life in the elevator. But the other thing, is that Sheldon is similar to his mother. If Leonard was willing to put up his mother for 18 years.

Is there any autistic actors? ›

Here are a few examples: Mickey Rowe (the first openly autistic actor to play Christopher Boone in Simon Stephens' Tony Award–winning play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”) Dan Aykroyd. Daryl Hannah.

What is atypical autism? ›

Atypical autism, also known as pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), is a type of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by mild to moderate symptoms of autism. It is considered atypical because it does not fit the criteria for classic autism or Asperger's syndrome.

What is an example of atypical autism? ›

Symptoms of Atypical Autism

Examples include: Lining up toys in a specific way over and over again. Repeatedly flicking switches or spinning objects. Speaking in a repetitive way.

What is the IQ of Elon Musk? ›

Like, is Elon Musk a genius? It answered, Elon Musk's IQ is reported to be 155, which is very high compared to the average of 100.

Who has the highest IQ ever? ›

Marilyn vos Savant: 228

Born in 1946 in St. Louis, Missouri, Savant was listed as the person with the highest IQ by Guinness World Records.

What's Stephen Hawking's IQ? ›

Professor Hawking, the theoretical physicist known for his work on black holes, is said to have had an IQ of 160.

Who was the genius autistic person? ›

Albert Einstein

While he was not formally diagnosed, leading psychiatrists believe that Einstein was autistic due to his tendency to repeat phrases, difficulties with social interactions, and extreme focus on his work.

What is the genius syndrome of autism? ›

Abstract. Savant syndrome is a rare, but extraordinary, condition in which persons with serious mental disabilities, including autistic disorder, have some 'island of genius' which stands in marked, incongruous contrast to overall handicap.

What are the 4 types of autism? ›

What are the types of autism?
  • autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Asperger's syndrome.
  • childhood disintegrative disorder.
  • pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified.
Mar 4, 2021


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